Why Heating Oil

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Heating Oil is Safe and Efficient

Oil heat has long been known to provide efficient and comfortable warmth; that efficiency has improved over the years. You can now find furnaces with the Energy Star label indicating that they are technologically advanced and clean burning.

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Heating Oil is Clean and Reliable

Today’s oil heat technology has been found to be virtually soot-free by the US Department of Energy. Due to advances in technology, oil heat is 95% cleaner than 25 years ago and not required to be regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act. For older systems, emission can be reduced with regular, professional tune-ups.

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Our Trucks are Certified Clean Idle

Certified Clean Idle is a designation given when Diesel Trucks are guaranteed to release zero emissions into the air when idling or making an oil delivery. Our fleet is guaranteed Certified Clean Idle which means we are leading the way to providing clean diesel technology on the west coast.

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Heating Oil Tips

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